Angela Davis, activists worldwide fight injustices exposed by COVID-19

Leading racial and social justice activists from around the world call for solidarity to build a more just and dignified world and defeat the racism and other injustices exposed by COVID-19.

Those calling for solidarity include social justice activist and academic Angela Davis; Afro-feminist Desirée Bela-Lobedde from Spain; leader of Brazil’s Association of Indigenous People Sônia Guajajara; Palestinian American scholar and human rights attorney Noura Erakat; educator and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement Patrisse Cullors; former South African government Minister and apartheid era ANC leader Ronnie Kasrils; leader of the All India Progressive Women’s Association Kavita Krishnan; Egyptian human rights activist Mohammad Ghannam; journalist and youth activist Janna Jihad from Palestine; Antonio Lisboa of Brazil’s federation of workers’ unions CUT; Erika Mendes from Friends of the Earth, Mozambique; Lucia Ortiz from Friends of the Earth, Brazil; LGBTQIA+ activist and human rights film festival director Hyun Lego Park from South Korea; BDS activist Yousef Shamsah from Kuwait; and Franco Uda of Italy’s Social Promotion Agency ARCI.

Palestinian artists and activists Remi Kanazi and Rafeef Ziadeh narrate the video, to a soundtrack by Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore.