Updates From Palestine

With Zaha Hassan, Jehad Abusalim, Mariam Barghouti, and Hassan Jabareen.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people requires understanding how the Great Return March that highlighted the plight of Palestinian refugees is part of the same struggle to stop Israel from destroying the villages of Khan al Ahmar and Umm al Hiran to make way for even more Jewish-only settlements. In this plenary, hear about the most pressing issues being faced, and the methods of resistance being enacted against them, across historic Palestine. The panel highlights the common struggle of Palestinians for freedom, justice, and equality, as well as the specific challenges they face under different manifestations of Israeli apartheid whether under the state itself, under siege in Gaza, under occupation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, or in exile. The discussion also includes how Palestinian groups are working on bringing together the different strands of their people’s struggle to build on a vision of what liberation and return means.