Intersectional Feminism and Gender Justice

With Nada Elia, Camille Odeh, Coya White Hat-Artichoker, and Rev. Erica Williams

The #MeToo movement has dominated headlines across the globe this past year, highlighting the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment. #MeToo expanded conversations about what gender justice actually means and highlighted the need for intersectional feminisms. During this plenary, organizers explore how Palestine is a feminist issue, what intersectional feminism means in both theory and practice, and how gender justice is an inherent part of all struggles for freedom, justice, and equality. They highlight how issues of patriarchy impact day-to-day organizing and speak frankly about tensions and challenges within the Palestine solidarity movement and beyond. In addition, they touch on how to build across movements without conflating struggles or erasing how struggles actually overlap, and envision the path forward towards true equality for all.