Global Struggles for Collective Liberation

With Maytha Alhassen, Huwaida Arraf, Nellie Jo David, and Jennifer Ubiera.

Chants like “from Ferguson to Palestine, end racism now” and “from Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go” are not just slogans—they emerge from the shared realities of people living under white supremacist, settler colonial regimes in the United States and Israel. These shared experiences are part of the global systems of oppression bearing down on indigenous, Black, brown, queer, and other marginalized communities worldwide. The global systems of oppression manifest daily through police brutality and mass incarceration; gentrification and forced displacement; surveillance and repression; denial of access to basic needs; militarized borders and refugee bans; airstrikes and military incursions; and the ability of corporations to profit off of all of this suffering. This plenary will highlight lessons learned across movements to understand how systems of oppression are interconnected and impact our communities, as well as touch on histories of joint struggle and the need to continue cross-movement building.