Morality and Who is On the Defensive Now

Recently, I bemoaned the idea that while speaking in a professional manner, in a professional relationship, my words were interpreted as political.   The person with whom I was speaking assumed that there was a political idea agenda and he becomes so emotional and defensive.   I had implied nothing even remotely political.  It would be improper for me to speak politically in a professional relationship.  But the implication was there.  The person with whom I was speaking knew that things didn’t look good for Republicans.  I didn’t have to mention the remarks by the President.  I didn’t need to do so.  When you have no reason to fear that someone will question the character of the person you elected, you don’t get defensive.  If you are on the moral winning side of an issue, you have no reason to be defensive.  This hit me like a lightning bolt.  Republicans are on the defensive now.  They are desperate to defend their votes and their character.  I don’t even have to suggest that they might be wrong.  The Republicans are desperately trying to defend their moral character.  That is not something that a person does if he or she is confident that they are on the right side of the moral debate.

In the Kavanaugh hearings, everyone who was not a Democrat didn’t want to talk about the issue.  Yet, for some reason, I didn’t feel at all concerned about talking about the issue.  I believed a woman who claimed she was attacked, that she feared for her life, and she endured the fear of being raped.  We as Democrats did something that we didn’t have to defend.  We didn’t get all defensive about our character.  Why would I be attacked for showing sympathy for a woman?  The Republicans are desperately trying to find something wrong in the behavior of the left.  They are trying to paint us like an angry mob.  We all know that this is ludicrous.  No one approached a Senator and threatened his or her life.  If we actually were the bad guys, that incident with women asking Senator Flake not to accept the president’s nominee, that would have strengthened his resolve to confirm Kavanaugh.  Instead, he did the opposite.   This was a job interview to move from one highly prestigious position to an even higher position.  He had a great job already.  So, who the heck is going to attack the character of a person who believes a woman’s story and recognizes a woman’s courage?  The left showed empathy and compassion and the other side knew this.  I can take comfort in knowing that things do not look good for Republicans.  All we did was disagree on whether one person was qualified for a specific job.  That is not an area where we need to get on the defensive.  No one on the right wants to discuss the topic.

We on the left are not on the defensive and we don’t have to be on the defensive.  We know it and they know it.

All I have to do is ask a Republican, pro-Trump person, who happens to be a Journalist and they will get so defensive.  I don’t have to even remotely suggest that there is a connection between the President’s words and the crimes and evil in this country, but they will know how things look.  They will get defensive, change the topic, avoid objective discussions, and more.  That is not the position of a person who feels he or she is confident of his or her position.  What are you so defensive about?  Why do you think I am attacking your character?  I never suggested that.  You, on the other side of the political spectrum, are on the defensive.  We all know how things look.  The right is no longer arguing from the position of confidence.  The people on the political right are the only ones on the defensive.

When Obama was President, many on the right were so disgusted with the president.  But not once did they even offer a reason why they were against Obama.  They didn’t want to debate the topic with me.  They just wanted to stop Obama at all costs and for no reason.  If you had a reason, you failed to bring it up with me.  So, yes, I loved Obama as president and I can be confident in the character and integrity of this great president.  I have no reason to defend my votes for Obama because he was a good man.  He had integrity, character, and morals.  Of that, I know.  And I feel no need to defend my vote.  It was always the right thing to do.

The party that voted for Trump used to be the party that championed “family values.”  Now, they are saying, those things that were so important in a president, they don’t apply any longer.  Family values are not important anymore to the GOP.  Now, its all about party.  No matter who you put up there on the Republican ticket that is who they like.  The Republicans are the ones on the defensive now.  They are held hostage by a morally bankrupt president.  And they are grasping at straws to defend this man.