Lack of Justice Causes Pain Part I

I write this post from personal experience.  Sometimes a person can become so frustrated with the lack of Justice in the world that they feel responsible to act.  That calculation to act may not always be as effective as one otherwise could be.  The emotional and psychological pain of seeing injustice can fuel a person with such rage that they are unable to effectively make a difference in achieving justice in the world.   I have worked in agencies where I saw clients being harmed and their voice was not heard.  I could not see a way where certain vulnerable people would be heard and respected.   So, I would go out of my way to inform people of how they can assert their rights.  Unfortunately, the pain and anger I felt in the face of injustice clouded me to the fact that I could not help anyone if I risked my own standing in the agency.  The first instance that came to mind occurred in a small rural town.  The mental health system was not showing any respect for individuals.  Forced medication, regardless of side-effects or lack of effectiveness of the medications, was more common at that time.  Now, due to budget cuts, it has turned the other way.  Those who need help are unable to find any support.   State Psychiatric hospitals begin releasing people for community-based treatment which supposedly will be more appropriate.  Unfortunately, the alternative of community support also ends up getting cut.  The original argument of providing support in the community was forgotten.  Instead, they just saw another place for cutting funding.

In the atmosphere of politics in 2018, we see another form of injustice.  Actually, it is an injustice that has long existed but just as things had seemed to be getting better, a powerful reactionary movement began.  Racism asserted itself with the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.  In reaction to women wanting to be treated equal and wanting to be respected, and protected, other forces were seeking to undermine those efforts.  Trump had no values one way or the other but certain bad actors and reactionary movements saw the Republican party as the party to use to advance their agenda.  A conservative party naturally would appeal most to those who wanted to turn back the clocks and the progress made.  This is not an attack on “conservative” ideologies or republicans.   It is just a fact that a progressive agenda is more in line with reversing racism and misogynistic views.  It is easy to attack liberals as weak, and condescending.  Compassion itself was turned into a bad quality as if it meant one was ignorant of the dangers of criminals that were immigrating to the US and risking the well-being of potential victims.  Then there was the insistence that the left wanted to attack you for not being politically correct.  Some of what gets labeled as “politically correct” is actually just correct and accurate, including factually correct.  Other times it was a matter of compassion and respect that came under the banner of “political correctness.”  I might have on one occasion referenced other holidays that are celebrated around Christmas.  That would turn into a leftist agenda to undermine the right to say “Merry Christmas.”  I would likely be forever reminded of that one time I mentioned a reference to other holidays around Christmas.  Now the challenge is that the left wants to stop you from saying “Merry Christmas.”

I want to talk about the injustice toward women next.  The evidence and example I will bring will surely be unexpected and surprising.