Sean Hannity attacks a Political Stance that Values Human life

I have to admit that Fox News and Commentary (they use the term Fox News) is so radically insane that I treat them as one treats anyone who is insane, as in psychotic.  Sean’s anger and rage seem so vile and evil that I cannot watch though and laugh at him for also being a clown.  In the age of Trump, it is infinitely clear that wealth or “success” does not indicate anything of value in one’s character or intelligence (some of these people are desperate to convince others of how great or special they are).  So, watching other programs I sometimes get a glimpse of his show.  Now, in this clip I caught Hannity is attacking a person who won a Democratic victory on a platform characterized, to which she does embrace the title, as Democratic Socialist.  Most people will readily attack that just based on the rhetorical connotation of the word “socialist.”  As a quick aside, the some of the capitalist ideas are not at odds with some ideas that are socialist in nature.

My biggest point though is that all that is good, right, moral and precisely what I think of when I think of what pro-life means.  The idea of being pro anything is to be in favor or a supporter of protecting.   In America, the term Pro-life has taken on the meaning that is narrowly restricted to only being anti-abortion.  Forget about asking someone who comes to America and was asked  the question “what do you think pro-life means?”  When asking others what that term could mean, others from other countries, not one person even mentioned abortion.

In my mind, what it means to value human life are precisely those items on the platform of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Socialist.  They include, (1) Medicare for all, (2) Free public College Education, (3) A living wage, (4) Protecting the planet and the environment so that everyone has access to clean water necessary for survival, (5) Abolish ICE and replace it with an agency that will use the best intelligence information and law enforcement activities to protect US lives (6) Similar ideas that fight the evils of racism and other evils that endanger human life.  It’s simple.  Demand a government to form a society that protects and values human life.  “Who will pay?”  We are already paying through taxes at various levels to protect the US and all human life.  It defines us and is what we do.