Republicans in the House Acting like they are themselves Trying to Hide Their Guilt

When I watched Trey Gowdy and Mr. King, along with other Republicans attacking Rod Rosenstein it seemed surreal.  Why are they so desperate to stop an investigation related to an attack on our country?  They seem to act like they themselves are on trial or fear that they may be on trial.  Only a guilty criminal would be so desperate to keep a prosecutor from digging up the truth.  Did they themselves commit treason and conspire with Russia in an attack on our country?  Would anyone ask a prosecutor in a murder trial to drop the entire investigation because it didn’t finish its case in time?  This is an investigation that is global in scope.  We have crimes that have produced indictments.  We have guilty pleas.  We have a trial coming up for the President’s campaign manager.

Trump calls what is happening a disgrace, such as when his longtime attorney came under investigation.  Is it a disgrace that they had to be so thorough in securing the warrant?  What is a disgrace is that these people are still running our country!  We have a country being run by thugs, gangsters, criminals, and people with the lowest level of character and total lack of morality.  Instead of caring about a thorough and complete investigation into the facts they want to protect each other the way gangsters and organized crime families act to thwart justice.