Bill Maher – Liberal Racist & Bigot

Bill Maher Photo
Bill Maher Photo

I am so glad that the world sees Bill Maher is viewed as a “liberal.”  I have long wanted to attack him.  I am a proud liberal.  I have zero tolerance for racism, bigotry, biases, discrimination, and prejudice.  It began most recently with his interview with the survivors of the Parkland shooting who protested our “Constitutional Right” to bear arms.  That would actually be a more libertarian belief.  However, his comments online and on the show that are racist inspire me to call for his removal from the airwaves.

Any person who displays any actions that are even remotely racist should be fired and avoided.  Persons who show bias against blacks, Middle Easterners, Mexicans, and others are my enemies.  When I heard people had labeled him a “liberal,” I cheered.  This is my chance to condemn people that you associate with me.  You call me a “liberal.”  You call me a “Socialist.”  You call me a “Marxist.”  Ironically, you probably delight in your ignorance of socialism and Marxism.  The point is that you would put me in the same category as Bill Maher, a liberal.

If you try to claim that “liberals” only care about bad behavior from conservatives, you are sadly misinformed.  I am here to confront your hypocrisy and to denounce your claims that this liberal has any tolerance for racism from anyone, from any part of the political spectrum.  Zero tolerance for racism means just that, zero tolerance.  I denounce anyone who appears to share an ideology with me and yet betrays those values that I hold dear.

You might even claim that I would overreact to any signs of racism.  If I found out that an employee of mine had called the police when seeing African-Americans in my high-class shopping store, suspecting them of no good just based on the color of their skin, or other characteristics, I’d fire them on the spot.  I’d do the same with those Starbucks employees.  Then I’d mandate racial tolerance awareness workshops.