Racism is a Sin – Letter to Christians

Dear Christians:

I had supposed you should have known this and recognized your racist attitudes toward President Barrack Obama.  Unfortunately, I saw it in the people closest to me, many of whom I did not recognize as having racist attitudes until I was an adult.  While this might seem like a political speech it is not.  Blanket opposition to Obama and a need to stop him from anything he might try to do did not include any specifics that might fall under the category of politics.  Instead, I heard attacks upon his character as a human being.  I wasn’t hearing opposition to what he might do, just opposition to his character.  You would be very hard pressed to convince me is or was someone of bad character.  I don’t say this as a political statement at all but instead, I approach this from a moral plea.

Photo recognizing black man as child of God
Photo recognizing a black man as a child of God

One finds church leaders universally calling racism a sin, an immoral attitude.  Putting politics aside, it was as if he himself was a threat that needed to be stopped or contained.  If I personally, had broached the topic of “why?” I’d get some single issue statement meant to condemn a person’s character.  Such arguments are infinitely obvious as blatantly unpersuasive.  One need only look at the near-universal support for Obama by African-Americans which only further proves my point that leads us back to racism.


It is unquestionable that one can point to what is immoral and sinful without judging or insulting a person.  I certainly do not wish to offend or to lose your love.  I pray that does not happen.  I know from experience that the first reaction is to take offense but it seems that what I do is right.  It is possible to say that if one acts in a certain way that it would be immoral or sinful.  A recognition of an obvious behavior or attitude that is overlooked certainly should not evoke anger, indignation or offense.  It is completelyInse different from declaring myself right and another person wrong.  Instead, I point out a point of agreement…  a recognition of what we share in our beliefs and attitudes.  It is from this point of perspective that I reach out with love.  May it bring us closer.