Solutions Demanded for an End to Police Violence Against People of Color

First all, if you are Caucasian, you’re only permitted response is one of condemnation and demand for change.  Speaking as a white man, I never would claim to have a real understanding of living as an African-American in America.  I love my friends and hear them tell about what it is like to their descriptions of that experience.  I listen to other African-Americans.  I recall reading Ralph Ellison’s great book  “Invisible Man.”   However, to claim to have any direct experience of what it is like to be African-American in America, those people are both stupid and offensive.

I completely reject all such objections, to paying reparations to African-Americans by whites who make statements such as “I didn’t personally own slaves…”  Such comments show a lack of a strong moral compass.  I know that this is off topic with respect to the issue of police violence in the wake of another police shooting of an unarmed man visiting a family member…  I openly embrace any and all solutions to end this problem.  Nothing is too drastic.

First of all, racism should be a disqualifying factor for public duty in law enforcement.  These are the people that we need to be removed from the police force.  Fire them!  Zero tolerance!  All neo-nazi groups, the KKK and other White Supremacist groups should be considered terrorist organizations ( not domestic terrorist groups, just terrorists ).  They should be treated in the same way as any other terrorist group is treated in our ongoing war on terror.

Ending white supremacy will require drastic action.  I read an article entitled “Can We Please Put an End to White Supremacy?”  Let us not hope for this.  Let us find a solution.  Nothing should be taken off the table in the search for these solutions.  Justice demands it.