Atrocities against African-Americans/Blacks

Terrorists - Ku Klux Klan - EVIL - Marked for extinction!
Terrorists – Ku Klux Klan – EVIL – Marked for extinction!

I had realized that my intention to comment upon the US history of crimes against blacks in America had not yet been voiced on this blog when I began writing about a 500 year history of genocide against the indigenous people of North, Central and South America.  At this point, I want to state that such statements regarding the genocide against the native peoples in America serve only as a prelude to discussions against atrocities against African-Americans.  I with to dispel definitely any doubts about what the US nation is capable of doing.

When we speak of American exceptionalism, recognize that our nation is exceptionally hypocritical.

Let it be known that I believe that neo-nazi, KKK and other white-supremacist groups should be declared terrorist groups.  The US should include such groups in its war on terror.  If you belong to such groups, I hope that you die and that your death will come soon.  You should be grouped with ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  No terrorist group should be given a permit to march down the streets of any city in America.  Racism is EVIL!

Racism should be treated like a disease.  We need an immune system that can hunt down these diseases at the cellular level and destroy them.  Find and correct the genetic defects that lead to racism and correct these defects.  Racism is like any disease, it is disgusting.  I don’t have the stomach of a surgeon.  I cannot cut open a human body to discover and remove the disease within.

I can say with the pride of luck that I am 100% free of this disease of racism;  not a single cell of my body has ever been invaded by this disease.  This gives me hope that racism is not a natural part of all human beings.  Make no mistake, the disease has reached epidemic proportions.