American Holocaust – Another Shameful Part of American History

I recently began reading the book “American Holocaust: The Conquest of The New World” by David E Standard.  The book tells a story of genocide by the Conquistadors and other Europeans that conquered New in North America beginning with Columbus in 1492. The story is consistent with other Non-fiction books such as “Lies My Teacher Told Me.”  However, What is appropriate is the title of this book American Holocaust. also, it is important to note my choice of the word genocide to describe the behavior of the Europeans that conquered North America beginning with Christopher Columbus.

One need not take my word for it.  We have the written records of those guilty of such evils.  We have the words of a Catholic Priest named Bartolomé de las Casas, who witnessed these things first-hand.  Read the Wikipedia article on Bartolomé de las Casas.

Important note:  this is the most extreme example of genocide the world has ever known.  There is no example that can even compare in duration, brutality or the extent /number of those murdered.  It is also crucial that we understand that loss of life among the Native Americans was not due to an ignorance, on the part of European colonists, that they were bringing diseases for which the native people had no resistance.  It is true that the European settlers did hold a false belief that God ordained their actions as good, a belief based on a lack of understanding as to why the native people were dying.  

This is clearly a story that demands being told. Every American must come to appreciate, recognize and seek to make amends for the evil deeds of the past.  A sinner who refuses to repent does not deserve forgiveness or respect, whether that sinner is an individual our entire nation. I truly make a men’s for evil deeds in the past what must take direct action. making amends goes far beyond stating that one is sorry.  For example, if one were to steal the life savings of an average American family making amends would require returning the funds that were stolen.  A simple apology will not suffice.  

Depiction of Spanish atrocities committed in the conquest of Cuba in Las Casas's "Brevisima relación de la destrucción de las Indias".
The depiction of Spanish atrocities committed in the conquest of Cuba in Las Casas’s “Brevisima relación de la destrucción de las Indias”.

In looking back at America’s history, one can only find a single example where reparations were paid to a group of people for the sins we committed against them. That one example is the case where Japanese-Americans were put into concentration camps during World War II. As a tangent to that, let me point out that we did not place German-Americans into concentration camps during World War II.


The United States was founded by Christians. today in the 21st century the majority of Americans identify themselves as Christian. get we ignore the words from the Bible where entire nations were held responsible for sins. This makes it clear that one cannot just say “I personally, did not participate in enslaving Blacks or in murdering Native Americans.”  The fact is that our country did do those things and these evils demand that we make amends.   Morality and Justice demand this. A nation cannot claim to be a good nation if it fails to make amends for wrongdoings and its history to have harmed innocent people.  A refusal to pay reparations is quite simply a refusal to make amends for our sins.