Nunes seeks with Fox News to Undermine Justice and Truth

Representative Nunes has been convincing Americans to view law enforcement in our country as biased against Trump.  However, without the help of Fox “News” he would have less effect on Americans.  Here are things one should be asking.

1) Why is Nunes the authority for the authenticity of “his” memo when he did not even read the underlying documents upon which the “memo” is based?

2) Fox “News” actively pushed for the release of the memo to protect Trump and discredit any investigation into the attack on our nation and the possibility that Trump and his campaign, transition team and cabinet members.  Why do Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and others Fox hosts fail to reference that actual memo when they present their outrage at the Justice Department, the FBI and prosecutors?

3) Why didn’t people notice that the White House initially tried to distance themselves from Carter Page ( the subject of unfair treatment in the Nunes memo ) only to later lend full support for his unfair treatment?

4) Lacking any examination of facts or evidence, why do people accept what Fox and Nunes are telling their viewers?

5) Why do people accept contradictory notions of what is happening?  For example, accepting without question that Rod Rosenstein, a Republican, is their enemy in a Democratic conspiracy?

6) Why do Fox “News” hosts and people like Nunes reject the need to protect America from attacks by Russia?  They are not seeking a new independent investigation.  They just want to end all efforts to find out what Russia did and seek ways to protect America from further attacks.

Nunes is a Traitor for protecting a Traitor
Nunes is a Traitor for protecting a Traitor

There are many, many times where I have had to ask myself what exactly are they seeing,  (they being, Fox, Nunes et. al), that is shocking, unjust or illegal about the actions of the FBI or prosecutors.  What I read, actually contradicts the argument they are trying to make.   These efforts actually are having an effect on many Americans who accept the notion that the FBI is biased against Trump.   We all chose to let the news reporters or the hosts of various News shows explain various sources of information that has been made public.  However, for myself, in the specific case of the Nunes memo, I wanted to know what was actually being said in the document.

The Nunes memo boils down to a biased and unfair investigation of Carter Paige and Judicial approval to search and surveil Carter Paige.   We know that Carter Paige was being investigated by authorities for many years, long before he became a part of the Trump campaign.  The Nunes memo does not prove that there was no justification for investigating Carter Paige.  We may not like it when we think that a mistake has been made in a judicial process.  However, as a matter of protocol, we accept that Judges can sign off on a warrant.  We also accept that a jury can determine guilt or a grand jury can indict a person based on evidence.

What we have is an attempt to circumvent the judicial process based on politics.  Every person, charged by the Special Council and working with the FBI, will have the right to the legal representation.