Making a Mockery the American Values

Many Republicans in politics support a “pro-life” stance.  It is infinitely clear that this term “pro-life” should be examined.  Over the past two years, we have seen a certain hypocrisy that goes well beyond normal hypocrisy to the point of mocking any sense of truly valuing human life.  They have taken the term “pro-life” and given it a laser-sharp focus of definition, so limited from any common sense notions that one might have about the meaning of what it might mean to value human life.  One cannot reasonably claim that the Republican “pro-life” stance has any real motivation that relates to the value of human life.

Image of GOP = Greed Over People

One cannot reasonably argue that a human being does not remain dependent for survival on a caregiver ( or caregivers ) for nourishment, clean water, and physical care.  An opposition to abortion is claimed to be a moral stance or a religious stance ( Christian ).  It is argued that all life is valuable, including the unborn.  One cannot make that stance and then show complete indifference toward that same life after it is born into the world, knowing that the child continues to be dependent on others for survival.

In the name of Christianity, Alabama’s Republican party with the support of our president supported a man who sexually assaulted children.  He used his power to harm the most vulnerable people in society.  This person lacked any sense of empathy that would have allowed him to see that he was hurting someone.  Even someone who is not Christian cannot appreciate the words of Jesus when he said that the two greatest commandments were to love God and to love one’s neighbor and that all other commandments ( guidelines, rules ) were based on those two commandments.  This makes it very easy to judge good and evil.  It makes it very easy to see that the true motivations in opposing abortion are not based on a value for all human life…  much less innocent and vulnerable human lives!

The Republicans have also made it clear that they had to pass a tax reform plan because of pressure from their donors.  Well, clearly, one must be very, very rich to be a donor that has this much control over a candidate.  Pure greed has blinded them from any sense of moral values.  How can anyone come to any other conclusion?  They supported a tax plan that takes money from the most vulnerable, the lowest income and middle income and given a huge tax cut to the richest people and corporations.

Image of Monsters And Hypocrites that keep me up all night!
Monsters And Hypocrites that keep me up all night!

We live in a society where children under the age of 16 cannot work and thus, one cannot place an expectation of any moral responsibility or work ethic upon these children for meeting their needs.  I value adults also but to remove any sense of responsibility being introduced into the argument, I will use the example of children.  We have already had a problem of homelessness and poverty despite being the most advanced and most wealthy nation in the world.  We have seen our citizens in Puerto Rico suffer from lack of access to clean drinking water.  This is the most basic need that a human has for survival.  Prior to addressing this problem, Republicans decided to first pass a tax break for the richest of the rich.

I do not recognize my country any longer.  We have replaced democracy and values for an authoritarian regime, with no compassion, no morality…  an oligarchy in keeping with the country that defeated us in the recent attack on our country – Putin’s Russia.