Francesca’s Best Bloopers of 2017

Sure, Francesca is amazing and all, but what you don’t see is that her Newsbroke shoots are punctuated by hilarious flubs, goofs and bloopers. Sometimes Francesca even sings her way out of a gaffe. Enjoy the best studio bloopers of 2017!

Here’s where some of those bloopers came from:

Why The Media Isn’t Linking Hurricanes To Climate Change:
Why Corporations LOVE Puerto Rico’s Tragedy:
Should We Pardon Politicians Instead Of Turkeys?:
How To Sue President Trump:
Can Anyone Stop Fake News?:
PERFECT Solution To The DACA Repeal:
Trump And Russia: Is This The World’s Laziest Cover-Up?:
Why Does The Religious Right Worship A Sinner?:

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