The Best Newsbroke Sketch Bloopers Of 2017

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We spent a lot of 2017 working on comedy sketches. And even though Newsbroke viewers get to see a nice, finished, shiny product, don’t be fooled. We actually screw up a lot. Enjoy Newsbroke’s best sketch bloopers of the year.

*Note: Francesca does not condone vaping. It’s pretty douchey.

Now that you’ve seen the bloopers, watch all the (finished) sketches in their glory:
The More You Know: Russia-Trump Edition:
Is Trump Making The Press Great Again?:
No Lives Matter To The Pro-Life Movement:
Melania Trump Makeup Tutorial:
Uber Allies: Privilege On Demand!:
Liberals Play The Blame Game:
Cute Kids Review Depressing Books:
Unboxing Capitalist Products With Anti-Fascists:
How To Sue President Trump:
Got Impostor Syndrome? Talk To Us: