Poetry By Bruce Whealton
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Image depicting love, man, woman, silhouette, couple

Addendum to the Introduction

I must confess to something of a loss of faith. I was raised as a Christian and that was something of an instinct within me despite being rather scientifically oriented. If you are an atheist, you might find that I am more relatable to you than those who are religious. I respect both points of view but love my friends most and that is what really matters. I think it is the triumph of evil over good in the world that presents the greatest challenge to the faith I was taught – this is most obvious in cases of profound injustice! One atheist said that the existence of evil is proof that God cannot be or at least in the way that we have come to know a sense of God and spiritual matters. I would say that it is not the existence of evil that is problematic but the triumph and supremacy of evil over good in this world.

This will undoubtedly be confusing to some people. Trust in personal experiences and know they are real. This is about love and love fills us with a sense of "awe." Is that a spiritual experience? Perhaps even an atheist will be comfortable with such things. Even rational scientists are forced to contend with the subjective experiences of others if they want to make a difference in the lives of others. In becoming a therapist, my greatest goal was to take my knowledge and use it for the practical purpose of improving the lives of others. I would not get too far if I demanded that their experiences were false or unreal.

I am sorry if this is insufficient or too vague for either the Christian or the atheist to know where I stand on things.

All of this is about love and THAT I know is real!