Working In an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital and Not Taking Home The Work

Submitted by brucewhealton on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 04:07

I wanted to talk about a day in the life of a Therapist on the Adult Unit at a Psychiatric Hospital.  This time in life would not be as simple or as blissfully happy a period of my life if I was not engaged to the perfect woman.  She was soft and gentle which was a mutually appealing quality we shared.  It was somewhat familiar in that I had a special friend before I met Lynn named Celta.  She was very loving and kind.  I never knew that anyone would feel so captivated or mesmerized by my thoughts and feelings.  Then there was Lynn who was soft-spoken and gentle in all her mannerisms.  I wo

The Mind of a Psychopath and Criminal

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One of the reasons for writing this book about my experiences as a psychotherapist is because my experiences were so unusual and bizarre that I don’t think this kind of story has ever been told.  In addition, just as an earlier Psychiatrist was able to generalize his insights from working with people with Schizophrenia (I’m referring to R. D. Laing), I felt my unusual experiences could be generalized to other social interactions between normal people.  We all want to be understood and to share our experiences with others who can still relate to us throughout the various times of our lives.