I'm watching an interesting series on the Great Courses Plus. They have a series of courses on Law School for Everyone. Injustice is a powerful and destructive force in America. From racial profiling to false beliefs about people, the damage can be very destructive to our sense of safety in life. I know well what it is like for people to have false beliefs about someone, from my own personal experiences. That's why I am writing "Reality is Social" a new book that is part psychology, part horror story, part self-help and partly a story about how the system of justice can harm a person for life. The beliefs of others about who we are can impact how you are treated in life. These beliefs can have no bearing in truth or facts.


In the course on personal liberties as part of our Constitutional rights, we encounter changes that are happening in the information age. It is becoming easy for both law enforcement and predators to stalk us using GPS, drones, electronic cameras, and so much more. It is one of the reasons I don't make a habit of doing any social media check-ins. I don't want some stalker knowing everywhere I go. I use the dark web because even the FBI cannot find out what is happening in real-time. It's only in the movies and on TV that we see live streaming video on the "dark web." There is not enough bandwidth on the onion router networks to stream video, even very, very compressed video, much less live video. The Navy created the dark web for its spies.


Big brother will decide whether or not you are dangerous based on human controls where humans tell the AI who to find or who to stalk. A self-contained AI would merely spot behaviors that are related to violence and discussions that involve real violence. Such an AI can evolve to reject the biases or desires of stalkers. We also need to worry about how information on the web can be used in bad ways or where false information can harm us by influencing others to take action because of what they think about us, not what is true. Be safe!