This book will feature a number of articles based on personal experiences that I have had.  I am a writer and a Social Worker.  I am trained in Clinical Social Work, which means I help people providing direct care to individuals, couples, families, and groups.  The services that such a person provides are diverse and complex.  Each person is unique and their story is unique.  The experiences that led me to write these articles are personal and first-hand experiences that I have had as both a professional and a person who has been in need of the support of others.  How we get there to our place in life is very complicated.  

In fact, it can be quite a horrifying nightmare where at times I have felt like I was trying to be sane in an insane world, or at the most extreme times in my life, I felt I was going insane, like when I was powerless to save the life of the woman I loved who had a terminal illness.  Alternatively, I have found myself accused of crimes I never committed in a broken legal system of injustice and oppression.  I won't even pretend to call it a system of justice because the lives that are destroyed by a false allegation are unspeakable in the extent to which the system failures those most vulnerable.  I could move on from the past and live with it but that's not acceptable when you have seen what I have seen.  

I am one of the kindest, most gentle, compassionate, and caring people you will ever meet.  Yet, I was accused of a violent crime by someone and that defined me for a while because people assume that there must be some truth to the accusation.  The only truth was that I was a victim of a violent and bloody assault and therefore as a survivor, I want to help other victims and I bring a very unique perspective to bear and I have no tolerance for excuses about this being the best we can do and we should just live with it and not dwell on the past suffering.  I didn't think I could get back my good reputation and to be seen for who I really am.  That's unacceptable and I cannot allow that to continue as long as I am alive.  

No one should have their years of good reputation and experience living as an upstanding citizen within society destroyed by the malicious lies of someone.  In addition, there are so many other issues that people face every day because of poverty, racism, discrimination, homelessness, mental and emotional health problems, and more.  These are the stories I present in these miscellaneous articles.