man James F. (Jim) "James F. Allen, James F. Allen" Allen‏‎, son of Zadock Montgomery Allen and Alice Rachel "Alice Rachael Mann (or Flowers), Alice Rachael Ma" Mann‏.
Born ‎ Nov 20, 1851 Newton, Jasper Co., Iowa, died ‎before BEF. 1885‎, at most 34 years

Married ‎before BEF. 1876 Salt Lake City, Utah (?) to:

woman Alma Susan Bell (Allen)‏‎, daughter of Phlander Bell and Mary‏. Adoption parents: Phlander Bell and Mary
Born ‎ Mar 04, 1855 Riverside, Riverside Co., Calif, died ‎ May 28, 1939 Belfry, Carbon Co., Mont.‎, 84 years, 1st marriage to: John Flowers Allen, 2nd marriage to: Sawyer, ‎3rd marriage to: James F. (Jim) "James F. Allen, James F. Allen" Allen, 4th marriage to: Sawyer


woman Rachel Alma Allen‏‎
Born ‎ Apr 21, 1876 Salt Lake City, Utah, died ‎ Mar 09, 1950 Seattle, Wash.‎, 73 years
man Frank C. Allen‏‎
Born ‎ Jan 01, 1879 Madison Co., Mont.‎
man Zadock J. Allen‏‎
Born ‎ Mar 05, 1881 Madison Co., Mont., died ‎ Mar 17, 1955‎, 74 years