This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Owens. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Parents
Able [P446]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Amelia C. [P466]   Owens, Thomas Gracey
Ammon [P463]   Owens, Thomas Gracey
Ashley [P455]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Caroline [P289] 1827-03-15 Owens, James
Charles [P451]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Charlotte [P453]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Christian [P458]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Eynthia [P468]   Owens, Thomas Gracey
Fanny [P465]   Owens, Thomas Gracey
Gilbert [P457]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Hezekiah [P445]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Isaac [P293] 1822-04-22 Owens, James
Isaac [P298] Bet. 1770–1780 Owens, Thomas Gracey
James [P472]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
James [P263] 1791-08-08 Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
James Monroe [P290] 1841-02-19 Owens, James
Jehu [P476]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
John [P470]   Owens, William (?)
John [P477]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
Joseph [P460]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Levi [P296] 1844 Owens, James
Lois (Louisa) [P219] Bet. 1822–1923 Owens, James
Mary W. [P291] 1837 Owens, James
Mathias [P443]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Nancy [P294]   Owens, James
Noah [P444]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Owen [P478]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
Patsy [P467]   Owens, Thomas Gracey
Peter [P475]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
Polly [P454]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Rebecca (Becky) [P295] 1844 Owens, James
Sally [P464]   Owens, Thomas Gracey
Samuel [P459]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Sarah [P481]   Owens, John Ann
Shepard [P452]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
Susan [P447]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Susan [P292] 1833 Owens, James
Thomas [P462] 1745 Owens, John Ann
Thomas [P474]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
Thomas [P482] 1738 Owens, John Ann
Thomas [P441]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Uriah [P450]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Uriah [P471]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
Warren [P456]   Owens, Isaac Foster, Ann
William [P442]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
William (?) [P483]  
William (?) [P484]  
William James [P473]   Sr., Zacariah Owens Lucretia
Zacariah, II [P440]   Jr., Zacariah Owens Ann
Zachariah [P480]   Owens, John Ann