Whealton, Delilah 1

Birth Name Whealton, Delilah 2a 2b
Gramps ID P616
Gender female
Age at Death 36 years, 9 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1083] 1874 NC  
Death [E1084] 1910-10-13    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Whealton, George Warren [P231]
Mother Potter, Matilda [P611]
    Brother     Whealton, Alexander J. [P617]
    Brother     Whealton, Alexander J. [P624]
    Brother     Whealton, Damaras [P620]
    Sister     Whealton, Dorcas A [P619]
    Brother     Whealton, James [P612]
    Brother     Whealton, Stephen [P613]
    Brother     Whealton, John [P618]
    Brother     Whealton, Graham [P623]
    Brother     Whealton, Leven W [P622]
    Brother     Whealton, Charles G [P621]
         Whealton, Delilah [P616]
    Sister     Whealton, Dora [P615]
    Sister     Whealton, Alexandra [P625]
    Brother     Whealton, George Warren [P610]


    Family of Perry, James and Whealton, Delilah [F0181]
Unknown Partner Perry, James [P781]
  1. Perry, Hugh Blaine [P780]


Records not imported into INDI (individual) Gramps ID P616:

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  1. Whealton, George Warren [P231]
    1. Potter, Matilda [P611]
      1. Whealton, Alexander J. [P617]
      2. Whealton, Alexander J. [P624]
      3. Whealton, Damaras [P620]
      4. Whealton, Dorcas A [P619]
      5. Whealton, James [P612]
      6. Whealton, Stephen [P613]
      7. Whealton, John [P618]
      8. Whealton, Graham [P623]
      9. Whealton, Leven W [P622]
      10. Whealton, Charles G [P621]
      11. Whealton, Delilah
        1. Perry, James [P781]
          1. Perry, Hugh Blaine [P780]
      12. Whealton, Dora [P615]
      13. Whealton, Alexandra [P625]
      14. Whealton, George Warren [P610]


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