Jones, Patsy 1

Birth Name Jones, Patsy
Gramps ID P388
Gender female
Age at Death more than about 42 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0727] about 1794    
Death [E0728] after 1836    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sr., Josiah Jones [P385]
Mother Jeanette, Mary [P386]
    Brother     Jones, Morris [P682]
    Sibling     Jones, Clem [P685]
    Brother     Jones, Edward [P686]
    Brother     Jones, Smith [P646]
    Sibling     Jones, Brittian [P687]
    Sister     Jones, Sally Ann Rose [P679]
    Sister     Jones, Maple [P271]
         Jones, Patsy [P388]
    Sister     Jones, Annrita [P684]
    Brother     Jones, Soloman [P683]
    Brother     JONES, Thomas [P212]
    Brother     Jones, Willey [P680]
    Brother     Jones, Joshua [P681]


    Family of Wise, John and Jones, Patsy [F0120]
Unknown Partner Wise, John [P387]
  1. Wise, Trenida [P274]


  1. Sr., Josiah Jones [P385]
    1. Jeanette, Mary [P386]
      1. Jones, Morris [P682]
      2. Jones, Clem [P685]
      3. Jones, Edward [P686]
      4. Jones, Smith [P646]
      5. Jones, Brittian [P687]
      6. Jones, Sally Ann Rose [P679]
      7. Jones, Maple [P271]
      8. Jones, Patsy
        1. Wise, John [P387]
          1. Wise, Trenida [P274]
      9. Jones, Annrita [P684]
      10. Jones, Soloman [P683]
      11. JONES, Thomas [P212]
      12. Jones, Willey [P680]
      13. Jones, Joshua [P681]


Source References

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