Craven, North Carolina, United States

Gramps ID P0049


  1. Carter, Delilah [P198]
  2. Dowdy, Mary Chloe [P236]
  3. Family of Mayo, Henry Carney and Wise, Matilda Skidmore [F0266]
  4. Family of Mayo, Henry Clay and Wise, Matilda Skidmore [F0267]
  5. Family of Whealton, James Leven and Jones, Salina Riggs Jeanette [F0286]
  6. Family of Whealton, Leven Easter and Carter, Delilah [F0288]
  7. Family of Whealton, Leven Easter and Dowdy, Mary Chloe [F0088]
  8. Jones, Salina Riggs Jeanette [P36]
  9. Mayo, Henry Carney [P1296]
  10. Mayo, Henry Clay [P1293]
  11. Whealton, George Warren [P224]
  12. Whealton, George Warren [P231]
  13. Whealton, James Leven [P37]
  14. Whealton, Leven Easter [P235]
  15. Whealton, Leven Easter [P208]
  16. Whealton, Leven Easter [P199]
  17. Whealton, Salina [P228]
  18. Wise, Matilda Skidmore [P1294]