Prince George Co., Maryland

Gramps ID P0230


  1. Evans, Elizabeth [P957]
  2. Family of Lucas, Charles and Evans, Elizabeth [F0176]
  3. Family of Lucas, William James and Higgins), Sarah Higgens (or [F0167]
  4. Higgins), Sarah Higgens (or [P581]
  5. Lucas, Anne [P980]
  6. Lucas, Charles [P958]
  7. Lucas, Charles [P982]
  8. Lucas, Elizabeth [P983]
  9. Lucas, Elizabeth [P988]
  10. Lucas, James [P990]
  11. Lucas, Mary [P981]
  12. Lucas, Mary [P989]
  13. Lucas, Richard [P978]
  14. Lucas, Samuel [P984]
  15. Lucas, Sarah [P977]
  16. Lucas, Sarah [P995]
  17. Lucas, Sarah [P987]
  18. Lucas, Susanna [P992]
  19. Lucas, Thomas [P979]
  20. Lucas, Thomas [P994]
  21. Lucas, Thomas [P991]
  22. Lucas, William [P996]
  23. Lucas, William James [P582]