Family of Edwards, Levi J and Jones, Salina Riggs Jeanette 1


Married Husband Edwards, Levi J [P1208]
Married Wife Jones, Salina Riggs Jeanette [P36]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2607] 1865    
Marriage [E2608] 1869-09-26 Johnston, North Carolina, USA  
  1. Edwards, Nancyann Elizabeth [P1221]
  2. Edwards, Margaret [P1220]
  3. Edwards, Jacob [P1210]
  4. Edwards, Mary [P1219]
  5. Edwards, Amanda Florence [P1209]
  6. Edwards, Melissa H [P1215]
  7. Edwards, Joseph Herring [P1213]
  8. Edwards, Joseph Howard [P1214]


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