Family of Cash, Theodore Oliver and Desper, Rhoda C.(Catharine) 1


Married Husband Cash, Theodore Oliver [P307]
Married Wife Desper, Rhoda C.(Catharine) [P308]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2509] 1877-08-02 Gallatin, Co., Ill  
  1. Cash, Anna (Emma E.) [P15]
  2. Cash, ? [P338]
  3. Cash, ? [P339]
  4. Cash, ? [P340]


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Source References

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  2. Ill. Marriage Index [S-1789899479]
      • Source text:

        Groom Bride Date Vol./Pag Lc#County CASH, THEADORE O DESPER, RHODA C 08/02/1877 00C/0223 GALLATIN