Family of Owens, Isaac and Foster, Ann 1


Married Husband Owens, Isaac [P298]
Married Wife Foster, Ann [P297]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2519] 1799 Tyrrell Co., N.C.  
  1. Owens, Charles [P451]
  2. Owens, Shepard [P452]
  3. Owens, Charlotte [P453]
  4. Owens, Polly [P454]
  5. Owens, Ashley [P455]
  6. Owens, Warren [P456]
  7. Owens, Gilbert [P457]
  8. Owens, Christian [P458]
  9. Owens, Samuel [P459]
  10. Owens, Joseph [P460]

Source References

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