Family of Reed, Benjamin Towne and Powers, Lois 1


Married Husband Reed, Benjamin Towne [P865]
Married Wife Powers, Lois [P854]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2625] 1775 Massachusetts, United States  
  1. Reed, Benjamin [P873]
  2. Reed, Polly [P877]
  3. Reed, Jacob [P874]
  4. Reed, Webber [P876]
  5. Reed, Elisha [P870]
  6. Reed, Bridget [P866]
  7. Reed, Lucy [P868]
  8. Reed, Peter [P875]
  9. Reed, Joseph [P872]
  10. Reed, Samuel [P869]
  11. Reed, Nancy [P871]
  12. Reed, Thomas [P867]

Source References

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