Family of Whealton, James Leven and JONES, Salina Riggs Jeanette 1


Married Husband Whealton, James Leven [P38]
Married Wife JONES, Salina Riggs Jeanette [P39]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2496] 1867-06-20 Craven County, North Carolina  
Marriage [E2497] 1867-06-20 Craven Co., N.C.  
  1. Whealton, Wiley Washington [P205]
  2. Whealton, Eliza Irene [P190]
  3. Whealton, Eliza Irene [P201]
  4. Whealton, Zebulon Vance [P24]
  5. Whealton, Martha [P189]
  6. Whealton, Zebulon Vance [P196]
  7. Whealton, Martha [P202]
  8. Whealton, James Levin [P204]
  9. Whealton, William Thomas [P193]
  10. Whealton, William Thomas [P206]
  11. Whealton, John Davis [P209]
  12. Whealton, James Levin [P197]

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