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        Thomas Dexter came to America with either Endicott in 1629 or Gov.Winthrop in 1630. He brought at least 3 children, several servants,but there is no record of his wife. He settled in Lynn, Mass. in 1630, freeman 1631, built a bridge overSaugus River in 1633, also an iron works. He had many quarrels, wasdisfranchised in 1633. In 1637, with nin others, was a grantee ofSandwich, where he moved, built the first gristmill; also bridgeroads, and mills in Barnstable and Sandwich. Back in Lynn, 1638, bought two farms in Barnstable in 1646; in 1657oath of fidelity, and freeman again; the next 18 years were quiet. In1673 he moved to Boston to live with his daughter, Mary, wife of Capt.Oliver. He is buried in the Oliver Tomb in King's Chapel.


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