This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their surname, with one of the following: Address, Residence, or Web Links. Selecting the person’s name will take you to their individual Address Book page.

  Full Name Address Residence Web Links
1 Allen, Claud Duval   X
2 Allen, Lois Emmaline   X
3 Barham, Donald Earl   X
4 Cahoon, Lillian   X
5 Cahoon, Lillian   X
6 Carmichael, Charles Plummer   X
7 Carmichael, Charles Plummer   X
8 Carmichael, James Whealton   X
9 Edwards, Amanda Florence   X
10 Edwards, Jacob   X
11 Edwards, Jacob   X
12 Edwards, Levi J   X
13 Edwards, Margaret   X
14 Edwards, Mary   X
15 Edwards, Nancyann Elizabeth   X
16 JONES, Birdie   X
17 JONES, Salina Riggs Jeanette   X
18 Jones, Josephine   X
19 Jones, Maetta   X
20 Jones, Maetta   X
21 Jones, Ruby Etta   X
22 Jones, Salina Riggs Jeanette   X
23 Kelly, Margaret   X
24 Martin, Etta Jones   X
25 Martin, William Henry   X
26 Mayo, Alfred Freeman   X
27 Mayo, Amanda Penola   X
28 Mayo, Eli Easterbrook   X
29 Mayo, Festus   X
30 Mayo, Henry Carney   X
31 Mayo, Maggie Pauline   X
32 Mayo, Margery   X
33 Mayo, N. W.   X
34 Mayo, William Thomas   X
35 Mayo, Willie Dewitt   X
36 Murphy, Daniel T   X
37 Murphy, Daniel T   X
38 Murphy, John W.   X
39 Murphy, Mary   X
40 Murphy, Mary   X
41 Murphy, William   X
42 Murphy, William   X
43 Sonnberg, Anna   X
45 Weatherington, Bessie Arabella   X
46 Weatherington, Matilda Mayo   X
47 Weatherington, Redden Franklin   X
48 Weatherington, William F   X
49 Wells Murphy, Mabel   X
50 Whealton, Cecil   X
51 Whealton, Charles T.   X
52 Whealton, Clara   X
53 Whealton, Deamos   X
54 Whealton, George Warren   X
55 Whealton, George Warren   X
56 Whealton, Georgia   X
57 Whealton, Goldie   X
58 Whealton, Herman   X
59 Whealton, Herman Bill   X
60 Whealton, James Leven   X
61 Whealton, James Leven   X
62 Whealton, James Levin   X
63 Whealton, Laura E   X
64 Whealton, Leven E   X
65 Whealton, Mattie Mayo   X
66 Whealton, Salina   X
67 Whealton, Samuel   X
68 Whealton, Stephen   X
69 Whealton, Tildon   X
70 Whealton, Wiley Washington   X
71 Whealton, Zebulon Vance   X
72 Whealton, Zebulon Vance   X
73 Wise, Matilda Skidmore   X